Dicot Pharma utvecklar LIB-01 till ett läkemedel för behandling av sexuella dysfunktioner. Affärsstrategin är att utveckla LIB-01 i egen regi till och med klinisk fas 2a-studie och därefter i partnerskap med större etablerade läkemedelsföretag finansiera och utveckla LIB-01 vidare till ett registrerat läkemedel för världsmarknaden.

Uppförandekoden ska bidra till att stärka vår kultur, vårt dagliga arbete, diskussioner och beslut. Koden gäller överallt där vi är verksamma och för alla som arbetar med Dicot, oavsett om du är anställd, konsult eller styrelseledamot.

Syftet med uppförandekoden är att skapa ett gemensamt ramverk som hjälper oss och våra leverantörer att agera korrekt, etiskt och hållbart. Vi måste också följa gällande lagstiftning i de länder där vi verkar, själva eller genom partners.

Uppförandekoden är en policy som fastställts av Dicots styrelse och utvärderas kontinuerligt.

About the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct should help strengthen our culture, our daily work, discussions, and decisions. The Code applies everywhere we operate and for everyone who works with Dicot, regardless of whether you are an employee, consultant, or board member.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to create a common framework that helps us and our suppliers to act correctly and ethically correct. We must also comply with current legislation in the countries in which we operate, ourselves or through partners.

The Code of Conduct is a policy established by Dicot's board and is continuously evaluated.


Dicot follows the rules, laws and regulations that apply in the markets in which we operate. We always act responsibly and ethically and demand that our business partners act accordingly. We are convinced that good business ethics, social responsibility and goal-oriented environmental work are a prerequisite for business success. As employees and consultants, we have a mandate and are encouraged to take our own initiatives, make decisions, and together drive our business forward.


We take responsibility for society and the environment and make conscious choices in our decisions, which results in long-term relationships with employees, consultants, customers, and partners where we all strive to contribute to sustainable development, including health and welfare in society.

Environmental responsibility

Dicot encourages the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technology in the production of products. Innovative solutions that involve environmental relief are encouraged and we take active initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility. Our employees must have relevant skills based on the impact of the tasks on the environment.

Dicot is gradually working on continuous improvements to achieve better environmental performance.

Workplace and working conditions

Working environment

Dicot offers a good and safe working environment for all employees and lives up to the legislation that exists in the work environment area. We strive to offer good working conditions that create conditions for all employees to perform to their full potential. We put the health and job satisfaction of employees at the center and all individuals must be treated equally and feel involved in the company's development and results.

Diversity and sexual harassment

Dicot is a non-discriminatory workplace. We offer all individuals equal opportunities regardless of ethnicity, gender, and nationality. We also safeguard a corporate culture and a work community free from harassment and discrimination and expect employees and consultants to also take responsibility for achieving this. We do not accept any form of bullying or sexual harassment.

Our work climate is characterized by respect and fair relations between individuals and groups and the concept of the equal value of all human beings irrespective of gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, political views, or disability.

GDPR and employee integrity

Information about employees and hired consultants is always handled confidentially, stored responsibly and in accordance with applicable data protection laws. Personal data can exist in various forms and are the data that are directly or indirectly related to an individual.

We ensure compliance with the laws by:

  • Create processes and principles that are adapted to the laws.
  • Ensure that all processing of personal data has a legal basis.
  • We do not store personal data longer than necessary.
  • Ensure that our agreements with suppliers comply with the requirements.

External actors


All suppliers must comply with applicable laws, regulations, and ordinances in the countries in which they operate. The conditions for the development of the company's products and services shall not violate human rights or contribute to environmental degradation in the supply chain. We have a constant dialogue with our suppliers and work together to improve social and environmental issues. This both strengthens the relationship with the suppliers and can contribute to reduced costs through, for example, increased productivity and reduced resource consumption.

Corruption and bribes

Dicot works against corruption, bribery, and extortion in all its forms and is determined to do business with high integrity. We follow the basic principles and legislation on human rights, the environment, labor law, measures against money laundering and the fight against bribery and corruption throughout our operations. This means, among other things, that:

  • We make decisions and act without regard to personal gain for ourselves or our relatives. We also do not use relationships with business partners for our own gain.
  • We avoid situations that may create or give the impression of conflicts of interest.
  • We never violate current laws on giving or taking on bribes.
  • We keep accurate records of financial transactions.

Whistleblower policy

A healthy work environment, good relationships, and a high level of business ethics are crucial for Dicot's long-term success. It is important to us that irregularities, corruption, or fraud that can seriously harm our employees or the business are noticed and investigated as soon as possible.

The purpose of this policy is to make Dicot's employees and consultants feel safe and know that they can report irregularities and serious incidents concerning the company without fear of negative consequences. The company's employees must feel that their reports made in accordance with this whistleblower policy are taken seriously and that they are handled professionally and confidentially.

The whistleblower system is intended to be used for serious and incorrect actions and as a complement to current reporting.

Employees are encouraged to report any misconduct or serious incident that they perceive as violations of laws or of the Code of Conduct to their manager. If the manager is involved in the matter or if the manager cannot or has not handled the matter satisfactorily, employees should report to the CEO or the chairman of the board. The information is treated as strictly confidential.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct

The principles of the Code of Conduct are continuously followed up as a normal part of the business. Management and managers have a great responsibility to lead by example and must ensure that employees are trained in the Code of Conduct.

For questions regarding this policy

Please contact the CEO of Dicot for any questions regarding this policy.