Strategy and business model

Dicot Pharma's strategy is to develop LIB-01 under own auspices until phase 2a studies and thereafter in partnership with larger, established pharmaceutical companies, finance and develop LIB-01 further to a registered pharmaceutical on the world market.

Thus, Dicot expects that the later phases of the clinical studies, phases 2b and 3, will take place either (i) in strategic collaborations or through (ii) a sale or licensing of rights to develop and market LIB-01. This strategy allows Dicot to achieve positive cash flows at a relatively early stage through an upfront payment at the signing of an agreement and subsequently through milestone payments upon achievement of milestones. In addition, Dicot expects to receive royalties on future sales. To optimize the commercial outcome, Dicot will consider the possibility of segmenting the market based on regions (e.g., EU, US, China, and India) and on indications, i.e., erectile dysfunction and early ejaculation.