Corporate governance

General Meeting

The shareholders’ right to decide on the Company’s affairs is exercised at the general meeting, which is the Company’s highest decision-making body. Every shareholder, who at the record date for the general meeting is registered in the share register kept by Euroclear and recorded in a securities register or in reconciliation account has the right to participate, in person or by proxy. The general meeting can decide on all issues regarding the Company, for example, on the increase or decrease of share capital, changes to the articles of association, and that the Company shall enter into liquidation. With regard to the issuance of new shares, convertible bonds or warrants, the general meeting has, in addition to the possibility of deciding on this itself, the opportunity to provide authorization for the board to make decisions on such issues. Every shareholder has, regardless of the size of his or her holding, the right to have a specified matter brought before the general meeting. Shareholders who wish to exercise this right must submit a written request to the Company’s board of directors. In general, such a request must be submitted to the board in such time that the matter can be included in the convocation for the general meeting.

Board of Directors

The duties of the board are regulated by the Companies Act and the articles of association. The Board of Directors are responsibility for the Company's organization and the management of the Company's operations, which shall be carried out in the interests of the Company and all of its shareholders. Some of the Board's main tasks are to make strategic decisions relating to the Company's operations, financing, establishments, growth, earnings and financial position and to continuously evaluate the Company's financial situation. The Board shall also ensure that there are efficient systems to monitor and control the Company's operations and ensure that the Company's disclosure is transparent and contains accurate, relevant and reliable information.


The CEO is appointed by the board of directors and is responsible for the Company’s day-to-day management in accordance with the board’s guidelines and instructions. The CEO is responsible for keeping the board informed about the Company’s performance and reporting significant deviations from established business plans and about events with a major impact on the Company’s performance and operations. The CEO is also responsible for providing the board with relevant decision-making support in regard to, for example, establishments, investments and other strategic issues. The Company management, which is headed by the CEO, consists of people in charge of Dicot Pharma’s key business areas.

Swedish Code of Corporate Governance

The Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the "Code") shall be applied by companies whose shares are admitted to trading on a regulated market. Dicot Pharma's shares are admitted to trading on the Spotlight Stock Market, which is an alternative trading platform, and the Company is therefore not obliged to apply the Code. The company does not apply the Code on a voluntary basis.